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  • Registrations

    Please note that ZIMDEF registration is free of charge.

    ZIMDEF Registration Process

    The registration process takes an average of fourteen minutes to complete. ZIMDEF has registered a total of 221 companies in the first quarter of 2016.

    Registration requirements

    All employers (except those that are exempted as per S.I 74/1999) are supposed to pay a 1% Training Levy to ZIMDEF.  The following documents should be provided when registering a company:-

    • A Certificate of Incorporation.
    • A Tax Clearance Certificate.

    Registration procedure

    Obtain a Registration Form from ZIMDEF offices or download it from the ZIMDEF website(www.zimdef.org.zw)

    Details to be completed include:-

    • Employer name (as indicated on certificate of incorporation)
    • Business address
    • Postal address
    • Email address
    • Telephone/Cell phone numbers
    • Contact person
    • Company Directors
    • Company Auditors
    • Company registration Number (refer to certificate of incorporation)
    • Tax clearance number (refer to ZIMRAClearance Certificate)
    • Gross wage bill
    • 1% of gross wage bill
    • Nature of business
    • Financial reporting period i.e. (01Jan – Dec 31)


    • Fill in the Form and attach copies of Certificate of Incorporation and Tax Clearance then return it to ZIMDEF.
    • The information on the Registration Form is captured in the computer system.
    • A letter of approval that shows your Registration Number is generated.  Employers will be given this letter as proof of registration.
    •  Payment can now be done using your Employer Code number.
    • Monthly levy payments are due by the 15th of the following month.

    Benefits of registering with ZIMDEF

    • Once a company is registered with ZIMDEF, there is a benefit of being able to claim for different types of approved rebates.
    • The company registered with ZIMDEF will be able to participate in the ZIMDEF tendering process.

    Employer Registration Form

    click here to view/dowload the Employer registration form.


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